Beagle Training Tips for Novice Pet Owners

beagle trainingThere are many reasons to adopt a beagle. The breed is friendly, energetic and loves to be around people. In contrast to all of these positive traits, beagles tend to be a bit stubborn. The best way to minimize this headstrong tendency is by implementing beagle training methods immediately after adopting your dog. Here are some breed-specific tips to help eliminate common inappropriate behaviors.

Destructive Behaviors from Separation Anxiety

While no dog likes to be left alone all day, beagles thrive on the company of their owner. This may be due to their high level of energy and extremely loving disposition. If home alone, they often become bored or overly anxious. When this happens, unwanted behaviors including constant barking and destructive chewing usually occur. In order to quell these bad habits, you need to make your dog feel safe, content, and comfortable while you’re away.

To create a calming environment, choose a space that is the right size. Letting your pet explore the entire house while you are gone is a sure recipe for destruction. Instead, select one room to leave your beagle in by securing it with a pet gate. This allows him to see outside the room while still providing a sense of security. While a
crate will keep your dog confined, the inability to move about may also cause excess stress.

Playing music is another great way to calm an anxious pet. A study conducted by the University of Glasgow found that classical music promoted an immediate decrease in stress levels among kennel dogs. While the reduction in stress may be temporary, it’s a great way to keep your pet calm until your return. For dogs that aren’t into Beethoven, try leaving the TV on instead for a little auditory stimulation.

Beagle Training Commands

Teaching your dog some basic commands is necessary for several reasons. It allows you to establish yourself as the pack leader, which is crucial for gaining your beagle’s respect. It also provides structure and order for a breed that is sometimes easily excitable and distracted. Ensuring your dog remains focused while training is the key to success. While treats may be used initially for positive reinforcement, toys work well too and don’t lead to excess pounds.

Some of the basic training commands include sit, stay, down, wait and come. After your dog recognizes these five cues, it’s time to teach additional words such as leave it, watch me, and look. When your dog recognizes your voice signals, it is much simpler to prevent problems like begging, digging, and excessive barking or baying.

House Training a Beagle Pup

When it comes to house training, this breed is sometimes a challenge, especially male beagles. To overcome their strong-willed personality and indoor territory marking habits, your beagle training routine needs to be firm and consistent. Regular feedback helps your dog to learn the difference between acceptable and undesirable actions.

During the day, many pet owners prefer to train their dog using the tether method. This involves using a short cable or leash that is around 4-feet long. Dogs are able to move around a little but aren’t likely to do their business in such a confined space.

At night, crate training is acceptable because it provides security and a cozy place to sleep. The right sized crate should provide enough space to sit, stand or lie down. Never place a water dish inside the crate because younger dogs may have trouble controlling their bladder until morning.

Daily Exercise Encourages Good Behavior

Like most high-energy breeds, beagles need plenty of exercise. A daily walking schedule helps increase the bond between you and your pet while also relieving boredom, stress and anxiety. Whether you walk your beagle at the park or around the neighborhood, try to add some variety to your routine. Beagles are greatly influenced by their sense of smell and unfamiliar environments provide an abundance of new sniffing opportunities. To ensure your pet still receives a good workout, limit sniffing stops to a couple of minutes each.

Another important tip is to establish good communication with your beagle while walking. Beagles that are receptive to commands are less likely to pull or chase after squirrels and rabbits. Teaching your dog to obey helps prevent accidents and makes walking a pleasurable experience.

With the right beagle training methods, first-time pet owners can establish a good relationship with their dog. Proper training makes pet ownership more enjoyable, resulting in a healthier living environment for both you and your beagle.

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